"We’re brothers, man. He is the singer in my band and I’m the songwriter. There’s a bond between us that will never be broken by some guy with a typewriter."
Noel on Liam
pistols-n-roses asked:
Awesome blog :D

Thank you very much :)

Anonymous asked:
I just found this blog, I am confused if this was a real thing between them of if you just fantasize? Sorry dont make fun of me! Lol

Nothing to laugh about ;) and referring to your question - no, there wasn’t anything between them. Fans ‘created’ this idea but I take gallaghercest more like a brotherly love between them, nothing more :-) It’s not in a serious way really. 


Sorry for lack of posts for the last month now I’m on holidays so I can keep it updated more often. New theme and section FAQ has just been added, hopefully you all like it. More new things to come soon! :)

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